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Surrogacy: Looking for a Match

Chad, left, and David would spend long hours at fertility centers and doctors’ suites in their quest to create a child. (Carolyn Cole / LAT)
Chad, left, and David Craig during their November 2002 commitment ceremony in Vermont. The pair met in the spring of 1997 at a bar in Atlanta. Both were living there at the time, with Chad working as a software engineer and David selling carpet while trying to build an interior design business. ()
NEPHEW: David Craig with his aunt, novelist Jan Karon (author of the Mitford series). ()
SIBLINGS: Chad Hodge and his younger sister, Tonya, were close growing up. ()
Chad Hodge at 17
Chad Hodge at age 17. Chad had always had a way with children. He doted on his younger sister, braiding her hair and playing with her Barbies. He had always assumed he would have children of his own. ()
Before the procedure, gestational surrogate Whitney Cruey, left, signs legal papers with the Craigs’ attorney, Diane Hinson, and David and Chad. (Tyrone Turner / For the Times)
Whitney Cruey was the mother of a 2-year-old daughter, and thus a proven carrier. After a three-year separation, her divorce was nearly final, and she had a boyfriend who supported her interest in surrogacy. (Tyrone Turner / For the Times)