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Gallaudet protest

SHUTDOWN: Students in ‘Unity for Gallaudet’ T-shirts block access to the campus. Some protesters object that the incoming president didn’t learn sign language until she reached her 20s. ()
Gallaudet University students block the main entrance to campus during a protest. (Evan Vucci / AP)
Rachel Blake, right, sleeps in the hallway of Hall Memorial Building as she and other students stay barricaded in the building on the campus of Gallaudet. (Kevin Wolf / AP)
Freshman Breanna Baker of Wailuku, Hawaii, guards one of the doors of the Hall Memorial Building on the campus of Gallaudet as students barricaded themselves inside one of the main classroom buildings today, calling for a review of the university’s presidential selection process. (Kevin Wolf / AP)
Jimmy Challis Gore, an English Language Institute Instructor, bottom left; signs pleas with Gallaudet University graduate student Ryan Commerson, second from left, before a student-led protest at the university. (Chris Greenberg / AP)