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Surfers for Jesus

Members of Surfing the Nations pray before hitting the waves at Waikiki Beach in Honolulu. (Lucy Pemoni / For The Times)
The group surfs in the early mornings, serves for most of the day, then surfs again in the late afternoons. Service includes outreach, housecleaning and surf instruction. (Lucy Pemoni / For The Times)
Members of Surfing the Nation prepare to catch some waves at Waikiki Beach. (Lucy Pemoni / For The Times)
From left are Sam Culver, 26, of Seattle, Taylor Donovan 19, of Seattle, Chris Rehrer, 22, of Apple Valley, Calif., and Fredrick Johansson of Sweden. (Lucy Pemoni / For The Times)
Aanes Palmer, 25, of Sweden walks to the ocean with a tourist he recruited for prayer, food and surfing instruction at Waikiki Beach. (Lucy Pemoni / For The Times)