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Film festivals are going virtual. Awards ceremonies are getting postponed. And with so much of Hollywood stuck at home, voters don’t have any excuse not to blaze through those screeners.

From the Emmys through the Oscars and everything in between, consider our revamped Envelope newsletter your comprehensive guide through this pandemic-scrambled awards season.

Expect a selection of The Times’ best coverage and analysis every Tuesday during the action. On Wednesday, you’ll get some of the highlights from the latest episode of our Envelope podcast, hosted by Yvonne Villarreal and Mark Olsen. And on Fridays, you’ll get commentary, predictions and behind-the-scenes insights from columnist Glenn Whipp.

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Glenn Whipp writes about movies and television for the Los Angeles Times and serves as columnist for The Envelope, The Times’ awards season publication. He’s spent the last decade exploring long-held ideas about what kinds of films, TV shows and performances deserve the designation of “awards-worthy.” It’s not the honors themselves that resonate, but rather the annual snapshot of the state of the industry they provide. Sometimes the picture is pretty. Sometimes it’s alarming. But it’s always worth discussing. Feel free to reach out via email or get in touch on Twitter.

Yvonne Villarreal writes about television for The Times. She’s a native of Southern California who, as a toddler, would watch reruns of “I Love Lucy” instead of cartoons and, as a 9-year-old, had TV Guide clippings of “ER” taped to her bedroom wall. She believes it was destiny that she would grow up to chronicle TV during one of its most exciting periods. You can reach her on Twitter at @villarrealy.

Mark Olsen writes about movies for The Times. He tries to capture everything that means, from arthouse obscurities to studio blockbusters — good work and fresh voices are exciting wherever they are found. Follow along on Twitter at @indiefocus, and subscribe to his weekly Indie Focus newsletter.

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