Letters: Toppling an ancient rock

Re “Boy Scout leaders ruin ancient rock,” Sept. 19

I was both pleased and surprised when I read The Times’ article regarding the ancient rock in Utah displaced after millions of years by overzealous Boy Scout leaders. Surprised because there were two sides to the story. Pleased because the Times reported both sides.

After watching an evening news story the previous day, in which only one side was portrayed and what can only be described as a hatchet job was done on the participants, I was thankful for a news outlet that bothers to do some elementary research and try to understand “why” as well as “what.”

Moving the rock was a clear error in judgment by the Scout leaders — who cited their troop members’ safety — but not a clear attempt at vandalism. This is why I read newspapers.


Mike Gallagher

La Habra Heights

If the Scout leaders were worried boys would hurt themselves jumping off the rock, wouldn’t it have been better to teach them the dangers of being in the wilderness and making safe choices about their activities there?

Perhaps a little more constructive activity rather than destruction was in order here.


Jamie Dimmel

Los Angeles


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