L.A. Mayor James Toberman
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A rogues’ gallery of L.A. mayors

In 1872, James Toberman defeated Jose Cristobal Aguilar, in part by making an issue of his opponent’s poor English skills.  ()
In 1915, Charles Sebastian leapt from police chief to mayor on the strength of an anti-vice campaign, yet despite being married -- that’s his wife next to him in the photo -- he kept a fancy woman, giving her a pink silk bathrobe and joy rides in a police car. ()
John Porter offended the French when he refused to drink a champagne toast in Paris because alcohol was illegal back in the good old U.S.A., and he made darned sure the 1932 Summer Olympics were bone dry.  (Los Angeles Times)
Frank Shaw flagrantly protected bootleggers and bordello owners and virtually put the city up for sale. He was the first big-city American mayor ever recalled, in 1938. ()
Tom Bradley, here with Mayor Sam Yorty, was L.A.'s first black mayor, the Sphinx of Spring Street, measured and unflappable. There’s a story that Bradley, as the newly minted mayor, faced neo-Nazi picketers chanting “White power! White power!” at his 1973 inauguration, declaring puckishly: “I is the mayor.”  (Los Angeles Times)