Letters: Electric vs. gas

Re “Electric or gas? Choice comes into Focus,” Business, April 26

Having trouble deciding between an electric or gasoline car? I have experience with both.

A Nissan Leaf, after federal and state rebates, costs about $25,000, the same as a gas-powered Ford Focus. An electric Focus will cost a couple thousand more. With the gas car, over 10 years you’ll spend $25,000 on fuel and emit asthma-causing pollutants and more than 100,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that is irreversibly changing our climate.

With the electric car, you’ll put solar panels on your house for about $15,000 and never stop for gas or an oil change again. The solar panels will last for 30-plus years, saving you thousands in electric bills. Your car will be fun, zippy and quiet to drive. Heads will turn.


You’ll feel like you’re part of the solution rather than the problem. You’ll never want to buy another gas car in your life.

Katie Davis

Goleta, Calif.



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