Letters: Raising campaign cash

Re “Obama’s tainted bundler,” Opinion, April 24

Finally, Jonah Goldberg opts to follow the money. It’s all well and good that he smears President Obama by association with some shady “top-tier bundler” of campaign contributions. But Goldberg says no more about Mitt Romney than to aver he is “apparently squeaky clean.” Voters have no way of confirming this because Romney, unlike Obama, refuses to identify his campaign’s bundlers.

Savvy voters should disdain Goldberg’s hypocrisy. They need to ask why Romney doesn’t want them to follow his money. Could it be his bundlers have even more electoral baggage than Obama’s?

Edward Alston


Santa Maria

Goldberg fails to see the irony in his article in which he describes Romney as “apparently squeaky clean” just before stating that Obama “took cash from a true denizen of the gutter.”

Does Goldberg think that either liberals or conservatives become bundlers or form “super PACs” solely because they love their candidates? Does he really think any of them want nothing else?

His example — of course only of a Democrat — demonstrates that the ability of a bundler, or of a super PAC, to control huge sums can appeal to unsavory persons who want to gain a frightening degree of political influence. Duh!


Alan Golden



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