Letters: Rapper’s son earned his scholarship

Re “Mogul’s child gets full ride at UCLA,” June 1

Although I am helping my daughter pay off student loans, I resent the attention being given to Justin Coombs’ athletic scholarship to UCLA.

The UC system needs the money, but are we really so morally poor that we no longer recognize the distinction associated with receiving a scholarship? Do you really think this young man put the effort into sports because he needed the money to attend college? To make him justify being given the award based on the money diminishes the accolade he is receiving.

There is so much we need to scrutinize in the way we do business in education, but to put this under a microscope — to question not his ability, not his worthiness but instead whether he deserves this because he comes from a family that has been successful — well, it leaves me wondering.


Deborah Zimmerly

Van Nuys

As one who has spent the last 40 years of his professional life at UCLA, I can’t even begin to fathom how the son of a successful music entertainer who is worth an estimated

$475 million, a young athlete who also received a $360,000 car from his dad for his 16th birthday, can be offered (and will now accept) a $54,000 athletic scholarship to attend UCLA.

OK, the money comes from a different set of sources than UCLA’s purely academic scholarships. In that case, please make certain none of UCLA’s rapidly increasing student fees get diverted to the school’s athletic program.

Richard J. Steckel

Santa Barbara



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