Opinion: Blowback: There is no Ferguson Effect and no data linking Prop. 47 to rising crime in California


Earlier this month, as part of the Times Opinion page's "California's Prop. 47 Revolution" series, we ran a video interview with Los Angeles Sheriff Jim McDonnell that was critical of Proposition 47 and its impact on California. McDonnell suggested the law, which changed drug possession and five other nonviolent felonies into misdemeanors, was responsible for rising crime in California. In response, Mark-Anthony Johnson, wellness director for the nonprofit Dignity and Power Now, submitted the following video rebuttal as part of our "Blowback" online response forum.

We didn't set Prop. 47 up for success

Housing rather than criminalizing folks on Skid Row

Recidivism rates via Prop 47 are at 5%

Our communities have spoken

The idea of the Ferguson Effect