Readers React: Now the Republicans clamor for compromise?

To the editor: When President Obama was first elected and Democrats also had control of Congress, Republicans were complimented for “standing on principle” when they opposed the economic stimulus and healthcare reform. Now that Republicans have control of Congress, Jonah Goldberg accuses Obama of having an “absurd disconnect” because the president is standing on principle. (“Obama, ignoring realities, sticks to his comfort zone,” Op-Ed, Jan. 26)

Why are the Democrats the only ones who have to “acknowledge that people who disagree with you have a legitimate point of view”? Why must they compromise when Republicans have refused to do likewise?

Bob Gould, Palm Desert



To the editor: Goldberg writes that Obama has ignored the Republicans’ election mandate.

Given that the Republican-led Congress’ approval rating is around 15%, what does that “mandate” say? And does that rating trump the results of the midterm election?

And what about Obama’s latest approval ratings, which hover around 50%? Sounds to me like the president is winning that popularity contest.

Ted Stulz, Anaheim Hills

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