Readers React: Ted Rall’s ageist attack on Dianne Feinstein

To the editor: As a member of Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s generation, I have been bothered for some time by an unease that ageism is now the last bastion of socially acceptable prejudice. Examples of what amount to ridicule and near-contempt abound in various media.

Ted Rall’s cartoon presents a perfect example of such prejudice by his ad feminem — not to mention sexist (her hair?) — attack.

And for what? Because he is so certain that anyone who approaches the legalization of marijuana with caution must be dismissed out of hand? And even more so in the case of Feinstein because, gosh, she’s been getting older while dealing with all those crucial national issues?

I will leave to other critics the question of Rall’s one-face-fits-all expertise as a cartoonist, but I find the basis for and the substance of this particular cartoon, which attacks a gifted, long-standing public servant, completely unacceptable.


Marilyn Formaker, Encino

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