Readers React: Think Jeb Bush’s health plan is too complex? Wait until you see Obamacare.

To the editor: Dean Baker’s critique of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s health plan is amusing on two major points. (“Jeb Bush’s health plan: If you don’t anticipate getting sick, you might like it,” Op-Ed, Oct. 19)

First, Baker asserts that Bush’s plan “has a lot of moving parts.” As a certified public accountant who has observed the Affordable Care Act in action, both as to individuals and small businesses, it is hideously complex — far beyond moving parts.

Second, asserting that people don’t shop around for colonoscopies and that some might choose money over medical care is an excuse for Baker to justify the nanny state and — like the typical liberal — to deny millions freedom.

Kip Dellinger, Santa Monica



To the editor: Baker’s piece saying that Bush’s healthcare plan would benefit those who don’t plan on getting sick reminded me of Florida Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson’s take on the Republican Party’s “healthcare” plan in 2010:

“If you’re healthy, stay that way, but if you’re sick, die quickly.”

Carl Mariz, Irvine


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