Readers React: Watching the Democratic debates gave me a much-needed hope infusion

***BESTPIX*** Democratic Presidential Candidates Participate In First Debate Of 2020 Election Over Two Nights
Candidates on the first night of the Democratic presidential debate in Miami.
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To the editor: What I took away from the Democratic debates was not so much who broke out of the pack or who upstaged whom, but a sense of hope and pride that our system could provide a field of candidates so well qualified for the high office they seek. Most have legislative and/or executive experience that will serve the American people well. They have visions for our country that will help to pull us out of the morass of governing by tweet and foreign policy by whim.

I can only hope of that one of these talented and compassionate candidates will be chosen by the people to bring this country back from an embarrassing position on the world stage and from government for everyone but the middle class and the poor.

Carol Pike Bauer, Torrance



To the editor: If policy proposals from the progressive larder cannot withstand a feasibility analysis, then why should sentient voters, especially those without loyalty to a political party, pay attention?

The real threat to rational analysis of pie-in-the-sky nostrums is not that the boogeyman in the Oval Office may be reelected if voters split the anti-Trump tally, but that silver bullets in the progressive six-shooter — “Medicare for all,” free college tuition, student loan forgiveness, universal basic income, uniform minimum wage, guaranteed employment — will miss the target.

Shouted hosannas, standing Os and rhythmic applause will greet Democratic presidential contenders on the progressive left but, while harshing the progressive mellow is a downer for some, more moderate voices may provide better value for the many taxpayer dollars being prescribed.

Paul Bloustein, Cincinnati


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