Readers React: Americans should listen to Angela Merkel about the U.S. heading down a dark path

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Vice President Mike Pence at the Munich Security Conference on Feb. 16.
(Sven Hoppe / AFP/Getty Images)

To the editor: Columnist Doyle McManus’ observation about the Munich security conference, where German Chancellor Angela Merkel sharply criticized President Trump’s “America first” policy, leaves little hope for this country’s current predicament.

Trump is dragging us unwillingly into his personal wall of isolation, and Republicans are doing all they can to ensure that the great majority of Americans who resist are suffocated behind it. The wall is more than symbolic. It represents several generations of Republican stonewalling of change that would and should take us into the 21st century.

As Merkel suggested, the extremism Trump represents and that Republicans continue to affirm is leading us down a dark path that Germany took before.

Jim Hoover, Huntington Beach



To the editor: Don’t forget that the United States, despite its current “America first” posture, is still being the policeman of the world.

Countries like Germany, France, Great Britain and Sweden have extensive business relationships with China. They are subject to the same hacking, intellectual property theft and forced technology transfers as the United States.

The difference is that these countries lack the courage to confront China. Our pressure on Beijing to change its practices benefits these countries as well.


Andrew Ko, San Marino


To the editor: McManus’ column was chilling. My fear, however, is not so much about “America alone.”

I see Trump trying to establish ties with autocrats like Russia’s Vladimir Putin, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman. His admiration for tyrants along with his power as president make him a destructive force, both here and in the free world.

I would be less frightened by “America alone” than by an America in league with these countries.

Stephanie McIntyre, Simi Valley

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