Opinion: Donald Trump’s self-serving denial on Russia

A billboard President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in the town of Danilovgrad, Montenegro, on Nov. 16.
(Boris Pejovic / EPA)

To the editor: The integrity of our elections was a vocal issue for Donald Trump when polls showed him losing. Now, he can’t be bothered and rejects intelligence evidence of Russian interference, though he will grace a briefing with his presence. At least he’s reliably predictable. (“Obama slaps Russia with expulsions and broad sanctions for meddling in the U.S. election,” Dec. 29)

The world revolves around Trump, and if something personally benefits him, like campaign tampering, he’s for it. 

Much credit goes to the grown-ups in the room, President Obama and even Republican members of Congress, who think our democracy is worth preserving. Once Obama leaves office though, Trump will be the Republican gift that keeps on giving — to himself, that is. 

Anything else — our country, institutions or the environment — will be bargaining chips. 


Wendy Blais, North Hills


To the editor: Obama channeled his inner Dean Wormer and expelled Russia’s local fraternity members from its Maryland and New York chapters. He also is putting Russia on double-secret probation. I hope he’s alerted the Rose Parade officials to be especially wary of any unauthorized floats.

Although Russian President Vladimir Putin is not immediately responding in kind, he is reported to have said, “Nothing is over until we decide it is. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?”


Sidney Tinberg, Ventura


To the editor: Lance Armstrong was caught cheating. He had to forfeit his victories. 

USC’s football program was caught cheating; it had to give up its championships.


Russia was caught cheating, but Trump will still become president. 

Mike Martin, Laguna Hills

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