Readers React: What more must Trump do to be urged to resign?

President Trump arrives at the White House on Sunday.
President Trump arrives at the White House on Sunday.
(Jim Watson / AFP/Getty Images)

To the editor: Historian Jon Wiener is right to bet that President Trump will resign and be pardoned, an outcome that I have predicted since last fall as his troubles continued to mount.

Wiener argues his point well by detailing the alleged political corruption surrounding Trump. A pardon for Trump as well as for his children will not mean that he can escape prosecution by a state, however. Still, a presidential pardon might put a damper on further actions.

What continues to puzzle me is how an arrogant, chronic liar who calls the press the “enemy of the people” hasn’t been urged to resign already.


Bob Ladendorf, Los Angeles


To the editor: While Weiner may be right that Trump will have to resign in exchange for pardons for him and his family, he still faces New York state and city investigations. These are investigations that he currently enjoys some protection from because he is president.

If Trump resigns, he opens himself up to indictments from these sources.

David Hurwitz, Calabasas

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