Readers React: Why Trump is hardly a shoo-in for reelection in 2020

President Trump delivers speech on providing support to veterans and military families. - DC
President Trump speaks about supporting veterans and military families at an event in Washington on Nov. 15.
(Olivier Douliery / TNS)

To the editor: Jonah Goldberg writes that President Trump won in 2016 because he had a “strong and loyal enough following,” and that he can survive the next two years simply by pandering to his base.

This misses crucial points. In the midterm, Democrats outpolled the GOP by a sizable margins in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Those are the three states without whose electoral votes Trump cannot win reelection in 2020. Throw in Arizona as being in play, and Trump might have an insurmountable deficit.

Trump won in 2016 with nearly 3 million fewer votes than Hillary Clinton. Last week, Democratic House candidates got nearly 8 million more votes than the Republicans.

Unless the Democrats nominate another candidate as flawed as Clinton, or if Trump can find a way to get the majority of the country to rally to his side, he has only two years until he is voted out of office.


Frederick Glasser, Orange

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