Letters to the Editor: Planned Parenthood is overreacting to Trump’s abortion ‘gag rule’


To the editor: I worry that Planned Parenthood is risking the lives of millions of women for the sake of principle by refusing federal Title X funds over the Trump administration’s abortion “gag rule.”

Abortion information and referrals are important, but if, as Planned Parenthood claims, they are a small percentage of total services, why throw the baby out with the bath water?

Why couldn’t Planned Parenthood keep Title X funding and abide by the gag rule temporarily, in the hope that the 2020 election will result in a new, more compassionate and reasonable administration that will overturn this wrongful action?


I fear that Planned Parenthood’s withdrawal from a Title X program will do just what Trump and his supporters want: eliminate the organization altogether.

Donna Greenbush, Oceanside


To the editor: Let’s see if I have this straight.

The federal government is restricting all medical providers who receive Title X funding from referring a patient or talking about referring a patient for a legal procedure, guaranteed by law and based on a constitutional amendment. At the same time the government is inhibiting medical providers’ constitutional right to free speech.

In addition, the federal government is throwing medical providers under the bus by blaming them for their failure to provide services for these same patients, calling it a “choice.” In my opinion, the blame for loss of service to 5 million women who rely on Title X programs lies directly at the feet of the government.

This tactic, withholding funds using the same basis, was tried in Texas. Guess what? The rate of unintended pregnancies went up significantly, as did abortions.

Julia Springer, Santa Barbara