Letters to the Editor: Not all Republicans are crazy enough to vote for Trump in 2020

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump arrive in Biarritz, France, for the G-7 summit on Aug. 24.
(Julien de Rosa / EPA-EFE/REX)

To the editor: I beg to differ with author Rich Benjamin, who believes the prominent Republicans coming out in opposition to Donald Trump do not signify any broad GOP opposition to the president.

My wife is a lifelong Republican and very staunch supporter of the party. We often clashed at elections. Since 2016, she has been very disappointed with her party and the president and plans on voting against Trump and the GOP.

I believe there are enough mature Republicans out there who see through his bluster to unseat him in 2020. At his rallies, you notice that many of his supporters appear to be young people who grew up in front of the TV watching Trump say, “You’re fired.”


They don’t know the real Trump.

Ernie Ogren, Torrance


To the editor: I would like to thank Benjamin for the clear-eyed appraisal of Trump and the GOP.

Trump stands for the basic values of today’s Republican Party. The GOP has moved sharply to the right. The Republicans do not compromise often, and neither does Trump.

Democrats need to take back the Senate and pass progressive legislation that enlarges the middle class, helps the poor and supports our young folks. We need to pass humane immigration laws. We need to appoint non-partisan justices to the Supreme Court, and we shouldn’t worry about removing the filibuster in the Senate.

Democrats will not need to compromise with the Republicans, who do not compromise anyway. We are in a total political war right now. It’s time to stand up and vote.

George Ljubenkov, San Pedro


To the editor: Democrats are not pinning their hopes on Republicans to turn against the president.

What they are hoping for is a large turnout of people who did not vote in the 2016 election and who know that the world and the nation cannot stand another four years of Trump as president.

Rubin Green, Playa del Rey