Letters to the Editor: All defendants, even Harvey Weinstein, are entitled to good lawyers

Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein leaves the State Supreme Court in New York on April 26 during a pretrial hearing over sexual assault charges.
(Don Emmert / AFP/Getty Images)

To the editor: Everyone should be appalled at Harvey Weinsten’s alleged criminal behavior toward women. However, columnist Robin Abcarian’s apparent belief that Weinstein’s attorneys engaged in immoral conduct disregards the fundamental purpose and responsibility of defending the constitutional rights of any defendant.

This attorney responsibility is often difficult and contrary to the defense counsel’s personal opinions and values. Furthermore, searching for and exposing evidence that may impugn the accusers is just part of the defense’s responsibility.

The accusations against Weinstein are being pretried in the media. As long as the defense’s search for information about Weinstein’s accusers seeks and exposes the truth, the process is ethical.


The mea culpa by attorney Lisa Bloom is simply pathetic and perhaps self-serving.

John F. Masero, San Pedro


To the editor: I was not surprised to read that even Bloom, self-anointed guardian of women’s rights, had sold out when agreeing to represent Weinstein. It is a common tactic used by accused rapists in their defense.

I was the trial lawyer in the seminal 1991 California Supreme Court case of Mary M. vs. City of Los Angeles, a Los Angeles Police Department cop rape case.

The first day of the trial, who shows up to defend the city of Los Angeles? You guessed it, a woman. After all, how bad can a sexual assault be if a woman is willing to defend and support the accused?

Vann H. Slatter, Los Angeles


To the editor: I was totally disgusted and nauseated to read of Bloom’s six-point plan to destroy actress Rose McGowan and defend Weinstein. In light of Bloom’s previous record of defending women’s rights, I wonder how she could fall so low and lose any semblance of a moral compass.

It is said that money corrupts. This is a perfect example.

Anne Carter, Santa Ana