Letters to the Editor: Microplastics from our tires? Cars are killing us and the ocean

Traffic on the 101 Freeway in Woodland Hills.
(Nick Ut / Associated Press)

To the editor: The cliche in Los Angeles that we are what we drive takes on deeper, physiological meanings with the discovery that car tires are a major source of microplastics in the oceans.

These microplastics make their way into our food and become what we are. It is the same with the cars’ exhaust, which we breathe and which also becomes part of us.

We are, indeed, what we drive, and it is not healthy.

Matthew Hetz, Los Angeles



To the editor: No wonder the British voted to leave the European Union. If this report is accurate, the European Union proposes to ban nearly all microplastic debris, a silly idea unworthy of even a grade-school science project.

The fun part is, even if every internal combustion vehicle in the world were traded in for an electric car, the problem would still exist.

Oh, wait — hovercrafts for all! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

David Pohlod, Oak Park


To the editor: These findings are big wakeup call for us.

One has to wonder, what if the researchers started testing all the humans who live in these new megalithic apartment complexes that are being built just feet away from our freeways? Do any of the developers adequately account for this major issue?

Mike Post, Winnetka