Letters to the Editor: Voters in Hong Kong show Americans how democracy and upheaval are done

Students protest in Hong Kong.
Thousands of students rally at the Chinese University of Hong Kong on Sept. 2.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Who would ever have guessed that the second American Revolution-style movement for which many have been looking would break out in Hong Kong instead of on our soil?

Many have started new political parties in America, deeply dissatisfied with the stale, sclerotic ones we have. Others have started change-the-culture movements like MeToo and Black Lives Matter. Others inside the two monopolistic political parties have forged movements within the parties: There’s a blossoming socialist wing in the Democratic Party and an expanding Watergate wing of the Republican Party.

But nowhere in America do we get anywhere near the 70% voter turnout that Hong Kong got in its local election.

The people there woke up. Americans are still in a deep, almost comatose sleep.


Robert Kimball Shinkoskey, Woods Cross, Utah


To the editor: Reading all these stories about protests in Iran, Hong Kong, Chile and France, I can’t help but ask: Why are my fellow Americans not out in the streets of this country? We certainly have a lot to be mad about.

Protest income inequality. Protest homelessness. Protest the cabal in the White House committing impeachable offenses. Protest over the fact that the government isn’t really of, for and by the people. And protest not just for one day or a week, but until things change.


Be inspired by the masses in other countries. Why aren’t we doing that with the large and mighty population we have?

I don’t know why we’re so quiet, but we really should not be.

Zareh Delanchian, Tujunga