Letters to the Editor: A billionaire Democratic nominee? It might take one to beat Trump

Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg
Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks at a news conference in Virginia on Nov. 25 about his presidential run.
(Getty Images)

To the editor: It pains me to admit that Jonah Goldberg called it right: If former Vice President Joe Biden is the best candidate the Democrats can offer, President Trump, for all of his flagrant failings, stands a good chance of winning reelection.

The Democrats find themselves floundering where they once again feel it’s some baggage-laden politician’s turn. Too bad they felt that way about Hillary Clinton in 2016, when Biden probably could have won. Why can’t they now concede that Biden’s time has come and gone?

I’m to the point of considering Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg as viable candidates. Never before have I thought of backing a billionaire, but it seems ever more likely that it’ll take one to beat one in November.

Sandra Perez, Santa Maria



To the editor: Although it is fascinating if not depressing to read so many stories about the presidential election, the news media are not paying enough attention to the most important contests of 2020.

Having control of the U.S. Senate is far more important than winning the White House.

If a Democrat becomes president but faces a Republican Senate, that would be a classic example of a Pyrrhic victory, in which winning the battle results in losing the war. On the other hand, if Trump gets a second term and faces a Democratic Senate, he might as well schedule some additional golfing days.

Control of the Senate is clearly the most important aspect of the 2020 election because of how the Senate manages the national agenda, presidential appointments and much more.

Charles M. Weisenberg, Beverly Hills


To the editor: How’s this for a New Year’s resolution?

No one in the media will report any tweets or opinions that are untrue, whoever says them. Only the facts, ma’am, and nothing else, except on the opinion pages.

Barbara Busch, Santa Barbara