Letters to the Editor: One perk of attending out-of-state colleges? Parents can leave California too

UCLA campus
Enrollment at UCLA is increasing; out-of-state colleges that have the opposite problem are increasingly recruiting students from California.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: The article on out-of-state colleges recruiting California students forgot to mention the even greater advantage of kids learning about a world outside this state — a world with four seasons, people of many different political opinions, and places with nice houses in nice neighborhoods that don’t cost more than $1 million.

Yikes, they might even befriend a Republican.

When young adults take a look outside their narrow world and go far away, they become more self-sufficient. They can contemplate a life without beaches.

As the mother of a junior in college in Washington who announced she would never return to California and a high school junior looking only at colleges east of the Mississippi River, I will soon be a proud parent who can easily leave this state and its high taxes. That’s the final and best advantage of your kids going out of state: You have a license to pack up and leave too.


Mary Kaye Ashkenaze, Laguna Niguel

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