Letters to the Editor: Joke at your own risk, because L.A. has lost its sense of humor

Audience members laugh during a panel of comedians at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books in 2013.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Comedy writer Peter Mehlman’s op-ed article article was a scream, but he also had a point: People seem to have lost their sense of humor, and it’s really sad to see that. Yes, I think it is a “sourpuss epidemic and a cyclical phenomenon.”

I too also have a very dry sense of humor and was recently floored. I was at Costco and was offered some sort of chocolate or other high-calorie snack as a free sample. My answer when asked if I wanted some was, “No, thanks, I’m allergic to it — I break out into fat.”

These people didn’t laugh and in fact actually believed me and asked if that was true. They had no sense of humor.

What can I say? Mehlman’s a great writer.

Linda Rourman, Temple City


To the editor: Mehlman is right: These are serious times that merit a tonic of whimsy.


Previous to his op-ed article, my biggest laugh came during the Senate trial of President Trump when defense lawyer Alan Dershowitz asserted that it was OK for the president to cheat during his election so long as he thought it was good for the country.

Mehlman offers a different sort of absurdist humor, benign even as it challenges our PC culture. Thanks for the comic respite.

Brian Gillogly, San Pedro


To the editor: Surely Mehlman can’t be serious about L.A.'s dearth of humor. Apparently he is — and don’t call him Shirley.

Anne Meeker, Pasadena


To the editor: People aren’t laughing at Mehlman’s jokes because his jokes aren’t funny. He should not blame the audience for the sad loss of his sense of humor.

Rhona Blaker, North Hollywood