Letters to the Editor: An AI bot can decode Trump. Do we even want to know the results?

President Trump in 2017.
(Susan Walsh / Associated Press)

To the editor: It’s incredible that analyst Bill Frischling had to reprogram his artificial intelligence bot named Margarent from its existing algorithm for linguistics to a novel one to analyze President Trump’s speech.

It’s sad that Frishling’s bot reveals that Trump is more comfortable (“unbothered” in the article) lying than telling the truth.

It’s pathetic that Trump’s pace of words per minute accelerates to about nearly double the national average when he is going off-script, but when he must read off a teleprompter, he practically freezes to a pace that suggests that his reading skills are stunted.

The president is a dishonest babbler. He has had innumerable chances to lead us as a country, and he has failed. When the history books record his term in office, one can rest assured that none will describe him as eloquent, graceful or inspiring.


Frederick Glasser, Orange


To the editor: It’s good to know that an AI bot named Margaret is on the job disentangling Trump’s speech, because this Margaret can’t seem to make any sense of the confusing, contradicting and bewildering messages that are spewed by our president.

Margaret Hargrave, Simi Valley


To the editor: Back in 2008, when Sarah Palin hit the national political scene as the Republican Party’s vice presidential nominee, one of the few ways to unravel her grammatical gymnastics was to diagram her sentences on a mobius strip.

Now with Frisching’s AI, we have a much faster way to understand Trump’s linguistic meanderings. With the aid of the lightning speed of a computer, it may now be possible to straighten out a stream of consciousness that sometimes seems to have been attacked by a random-walk bug run amok.

Maybe this will allow us to evaluate where he is really headed.


Darrell Manderscheid, Fountain Valley