Letters to the Editor: Joe Biden not receiving attention is the media’s fault, not his

Joe Biden
Joe Biden in March.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: I think the reason the L.A. Times does not receive many letters about former Vice President Joe Biden is that he is not covered that much. Most of the news seems to be all coronavirus, all the time.

Biden is not the most exciting candidate, but his ideas are center-left, and most Americans find that palatable.

If he is elected, it will be because he is the anti-Trump. He is at his best when out among voters — his empathy and humanity are strong, and people like that.

But unless something negative is released about him by Republicans, he is almost virtually ignored by the media.


Laureen Keough, Los Angeles


To the editor: When will we stop equating the showmanship of someone like President Trump with the competence of a quiet man like Biden?

Even now, apparently, we have not learned that people who are truly competent and accomplished generally are not prone to making spectacles of themselves.

I would think we would be quite ready for a quiet man like Biden who actually has the experience and credentials we need to lead the country out of this mess. But maybe we are not ready to be led anywhere; maybe we really prefer just to be entertained by the unpredictability of performance theater.

May heaven help us; it seems we are incapable of helping ourselves.

Catherine C. Cate, Irvine



To the editor: Governors and mayors from everywhere in this country have been in front of television cameras during this pandemic explaining measures they are taking to keep their constituents safe and how they will manage reopening their states and cities. Many take questions from socially distanced reporters who wear face coverings.

But the presumptive Democratic nominee for president? No, he has been sitting in his basement giving Skype interviews.

Why can’t Biden call a press conference in his large backyard and field questions from socially distanced, masked reporters? It seems to work at the White House, and all the major reporters go there to interview the president.

Come out of your house, Mr. Vice President, and show the country you can handle taking questions from the media. It’s time.


Jim Rahm, Chatsworth