Letters to the Editor: How did one single president manage to ruin the census and the U.S. mail?

A user looks at the online questionnaire for the 2020 U.S. census.
(U.S. Census Bureau)

To the editor: In my 84 years there were two things I have always felt confident about: that a letter I mailed would make it to the recipient in a reasonable time, and that if I checked a record book I could discover the population of my city, state and nation. (“We have one last chance to get the census right, if the White House lets us,” Opinion, Aug. 5)

As a student, I even learned these were in our Constitution.

And now, just one president (in his greed and ignorance) seems to have totally dashed these expectations.

Gerald Schiller, Newbury Park



To the editor: Many people are concerned that the U.S. census will not be accurate due to the shortened period for enumerators to knock on doors, the reluctance of some immigrants to participate and COVID-19.

Also consider the ineptitude of the Census Bureau itself. I received invitations under two different census ID numbers. In addition I received a letter for each ID on March 12 and then again on March 16.

There are 509 units in my condo complex; did this happen to all of my neighbors? Just imagine how many errors abound across the nation.

Anne DeVenzio, Encino