Letters to the Editor: Kamala Harris’ ‘birther’ loons have a problem with the Constitution, not her

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris takes the podium as Joe Biden grabs his face mask at a campaign event in Wilmington, Del., on Aug. 12.
(Carolyn Kaster / Associated Press)

To the editor: Jonah Goldberg is so right to be cynical about the “birther” issue being raised once again, this time about vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.).

But I believe that what’s driving the argument is not really concern over Harris’ birthright to U.S. citizenship — that issue is clearly spelled out in the Constitution — but rather the belief by the birthers that this right should not be in the Constitution at all.

So, how do you question something in the Constitution with which you do not agree while refusing to reconsider other controversial issues in that document — such as the 2nd Amendment?

Hence the attack by the birthers on the individual rather than the Constitution, which gave citizenship to that person.

Michael Risman, Santa Monica



To the editor: We know President Trump’s Republicans are constantly inventing new distractions to hide gross incompetence in a foggy mist of fallacious hyperbole.

Providing “column miles” of discussion on these tactics falls completely into the conspiracy theorists’ hands. These topics deserve only a brief paragraph in passing containing the facts. Maybe follow up a week later and label it “propaganda of the day.”

Trump lies constantly and does not have the guts to carry out anything except bluster. Puncture the balloon; don’t inflate it.

Rod Hartman, Woodland Hills


To the editor: I hope the new birtherism has the same result as the 2008 version: The Democrat is elected.

Rodney Hoffman, Montecito Heights