Letters to the Editor: No, LAPD, it wasn’t ‘Antifa’ that protested anti-vaxxers

Advocates against vaccine mandates confront pro-vaccine advocates in front of the LAPD headquarters
Advocates against vaccine mandates, left, confront pro-vaccine advocates in front of the LAPD headquarters on Saturday.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: One must really try not to giggle at the Los Angeles Police Department’s use of the term “Antifa” to describe people who showed up at Los Angeles City Hall on Saturday to protest against a group of anti-vaccine and anti-mask demonstrators.

Antifa is not an organization. It is a concept, even a trend at times, but there are no meetings, no rosters, no dues or fees and no secret handshakes.

This lack of serious intelligence by the LAPD is astonishing. Who gives these people a gun and badge? Santa Claus, the Lone Ranger and the Bogey Man all have more standing in reality than antifa.

The LAPD would have us believe that it is an organization. How embarrassing.

Robin Doyno, Mar Vista



To the editor: Can we please call anti-vaxxers what they truly are — virus lovers?

By refusing to get a vaccine or wear a mask, they signal their desire to keep the coronavirus around so it can kill people, destroy the economy, put companies out of business and wreak havoc on everyone’s life. They do this under the false flag of freedom, a word with no fixed definition.

This pandemic won’t be over until everyone gets in the fight, and I’m not talking about the one on City Hall’s steps.

Nancy Zaman, Beverly Hills