Letters to the Editor: Scary new variants like Omicron? That’s on you, vaccine refusers

President Biden appears on a screen as traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on Nov. 29.
(Richard Drew / Associated Press)

To the editor: A recent Times article suggested that the nation’s patience is being tested by the new Omicron variant.

Do we have the right to be frustrated when far too many of us refuse to follow the advice of scientists to mask up, get vaccinated or get your booster shot, and to maintain social distancing?

We were informed of the consequences of failing to comply. Now, we are already experiencing the impact of a second extremely worrisome variant, as predicted.


So yes, some of us who have listened to scientists have a right to be impatient; others, not so much.

Maurice M. Garcia, Newbury Park


To the editor: Time for an SOS. We need the guidance of former President Trump to get some direction and comfort.

Trump will let us know if this new variant is a Democratic Party hoax, and whether we have it under control and if it will soon be gone. He might advise us that a disinfectant knocks it out in a minute, and to explore whether there is a way we can do something like injection to do a tremendous number on the lungs.

He will surely remind us that 99% of COVID-19 cases are “totally harmless” and that what happens is you get better after being sick.

Come back, Mr. President, we need your guidance. You provided the leadership and vision before to stop the virus when it first began. Save us.


Sid Pelston, Marina del Rey


To the editor: The greed of drug companies and rich countries will ultimately kill the human race. Instead of global solidarity, we have narrow nationalism.

President Biden must push harder on our allies to lift the restrictions on patents so poor countries can manufacture the vaccine. Also, the federal government should mandate that there must be no hoarding of vaccines, with very high monetary fines for such a violation.

Global solidarity must be our rallying cry if we want to beat this virus.

Vicki Rupasinghe, Ojai


To the editor: In World War II, we had rationing and a mandatory draft. President Franklin D. Roosevelt transformed our industries into an arsenal for democracy to defeat fascism.

It might be too late, but the Biden administration needs to make the United States an arsenal for global vaccinations and enlist other wealthy nations to join us.


Every American who can, should get vaccinated and make the sacrifice to get this virus under control. Inflation and supply chain disruptions will continue to cause pain until we get serious and show concern for others.

We owe it to the “greatest generation” that showed us how to do it.

June Thompson, Los Angeles