Letters to the Editor: Relieve the strain on Yosemite Valley. Drain Hetch Hetchy

A waterfall looms above an empty road lined with tall evergreen trees.
Yosemite Falls is seen from the valley floor without people due to the park closure on April 11, 2020.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Yosemite Valley is too crowded? Then create a second Yosemite Valley. (“Yosemite has been at its best under pandemic restrictions. Keep the cap on crowds,” Opinion, Dec. 6)

Amazingly, it already exists at Hetch Hetchy, John Muir’s preferred valley in the national park. But it currently serves as a reservoir for San Francisco and is full of water.

Now is the time to empty it. There is more than enough unused reservoir space in California to accommodate all of that water and continue to serve San Francisco without any problem.


Just pull the plug and get to work restoring Hetch Hetchy to what it should be — another Yosemite Valley full of wonders.

William Bergmann, Hollywood