Letters to the Editor: The Kamala Harris pile-on is getting ridiculous

Vice President Kamala Harris attends a meeting of the National Space Council in Washington on Dec. 1.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Columnist Jonah Goldberg summed up Kamala Harris as someone who lucked out in achieving the vice presidency and spelled trouble for the Democrats the moment Joe Biden picked her. In fact, the ticket was in trouble before she was on board.

When Sen. Bernie Sanders dropped out of the Democratic primary, millions of young voters lost enthusiasm. Harris being put on the ticket helped restore that excitement. In fact, I convinced my daughter to vote last November by mentioning Harris and what her ascent would mean for this country.

Goldberg cites unnamed workers who complained that Harris is a difficult boss who does not do her homework. This is a former California attorney general who as a U.S. senator was very firm, knowledgeable and present in her engagement with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing in 2018. As Biden’s running mate, Harris brought the same clarity and confidence to her debate with then-Vice President Mike Pence.


This is hardly the disposition of a shrinking violet.

Goldberg does not cite the fact that on Nov. 19, Harris became the first woman in American history to assume the powers of the presidency when Biden underwent a brief medical procedure. Goldberg cannot seem to cite this or any distinction to Harris’ credit.

Perhaps in a near-future review of his writing, he might understand why supporters of the vice president are quick to call “racism” and “sexism” — I call “Harrisism” — in her defense.

Roger French, New York


To the editor: To devote columns to discussing Harris’ alleged poor performance is ludicrous, especially after four years of a vice president who stood by a twice-impeached president without once publicly contradicting him even when he made ridiculous statements such as the one about injecting disinfectant to beat a COVID-19 infection.

The right wing will continue to raise the issue of poor poll ratings of both Biden and Harris, even though both of them have accomplished more in their first year in office than Pence and former President Trump accomplished in four years.

It is equally ludicrous that this will continue in preparation for the 2024 election in the hope of returning to office the twice-impeached ex-president who has rejected Pence because of his supposed disloyalty.


Richard C. Armendariz, Huntington Bach