Op-Comic: Power to the people! Together we can stop the climate crisis

Comic panel showing people inside a fenced area with a train car and diverging tracks with people laying on them
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Illustration of a car in a huge black cloud. The driver worries about such things as "my carbon footprint" and "emissions."

Illustration of person looking at railroad track that splits in two. People are tied to tracks as a symbol of climate deaths.

Two illustrations: A person carrying a lunch pail to work, and a car stuck in traffic with fiery air and smoke around it.


Illustration of fenced-in people looking at split railroad tracks with people, symbolizing climate change, tied to them.

Three illustrations: Cars clogging a roadway, discarded take-out plastic ware, a big bag of money with a dollar sign on it.

A photo of a man on a computer screen who is talking; a bridge and a body of water are in the background.

Illustration of a handout that says "Reduce your carbon footprint. But first, find out what it is."

Illustration of recurring train photo with people tied to tracks. A person is trying to push the train back up the tracks.


Illustration of train photo with people tied to tracks. More people push train up tracks, help those tied to tracks escape.

Madeleine Jubilee Saito is a cartoonist and illustrator in Seattle.