Op-Ed: And Yet

Close up illustration of a teacup that shows the reflection of a woman on the phone looking out the window.
(Sophia Deng / For The Times)

there comes a time when you stop hoping for
One American Hero
and realize there is only you — picking
trash from the neighbor’s yard,
hauling jars to the recycle bin,
calling your great-aunt
Susan even though
she is not just your aunt Susan and
this is not just your godforsaken earth.

It is depressing to know a war is coming.
Worse to know the war will always be in you.

Little cauldron, little tender loon.
Take comfort in your bold heart
where hope and fear are mingling.

Kate Baer is the author of two bestselling books of poems. Her forthcoming poetry collection, “And Yet,” will be published Nov. 8. @katejbaer