The Times podcast: A big swing to support young Black golfers

Stephen Curry
Basketball star Stephen Curry, who also golfs, is sponsoring the Howard University golf program.
(Andrew Harnik / Associated Press)

It takes skill to get a tiny golf ball into a faraway hole. It also takes money, connections, power, time and privilege — things historically denied to people of color. Data compiled by the PGA of America show that people of color make up about 18% of golfers in the United States. Black people: only 3%.


Pro basketball superstar Steph Curry has stepped up to change that, in partnership with Howard University, a historically Black institution. The school recently restarted a men’s and women’s golf team thanks to a donation from Curry that’ll fund it for six years. A few weeks ago, Howard’s golf program got a new pile of money at a fundraiser in California.

Today we hear from Farrell Evans, a reporter and golfer who writes about the intersection of race and golf. And we check in with Howard’s golf team.

Host: Gustavo Arellano

Guests: Journalist Farrell Evans, Howard University golf coach Samuel Puryear and Howard University golfer Everett Whiten Jr.

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