Is the election over yet? No, that’s why we made you this quiz

Only 66 more days to go until Nov. 8.
(EPA / Associated Press)

Emails, insults, allegations. Repeat. And just when it seems that one storyline is the biggest yet, another obliterates it from conversation.

This past week was no different. The campaigns of presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump continued to dominate headlines, tweets and television segments, no doubt continuing to fuel debates between friends and family on both sides of the aisle.

But how much did you pay attention to? If you’re one of the few who’s not suffering from election fatigue, test your knowledge. And if you feel that you’ve somehow missed out on the spectacle, rest assured. You have 66 more days to go.

How’d you do? Need a recap on those stories? See below:

Anthony Weiner is back – sexting with a Trump supporter

Several of Donald Trump's Latino advisors resign after his immigration speech

Donald Trump under fire for comments about shooting death of Dwayne Wade's cousin

Donald Trump strikes a softer tone in Mexico but holds fast to his stand against illegal immigration

State Department says Benghazi emails involving Clinton recovered by FBI

Melania Trump sues Daily Mail over reports that she worked for escort service, Daily Mail issues retraction

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