Kavanaugh says he ‘might have been too emotional’ at hearing

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.
(Michael Reynolds / EPA-Shutterstock)

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, in a bid to win over wavering Republican senators on the eve of a crucial vote to advance his confirmation, acknowledged Thursday that he “might have been too emotional” when testifying about sexual misconduct allegations.

The 53-year-old judge said in an op-ed that he knows his “tone was sharp,” adding, “I said a few things I should not have said” during testimony last week to the Senate Judiciary Committee. He forcefully denied the allegations.

“Going forward, you can count on me to be the same kind of judge and person I have been for my entire 28-year legal career: hardworking, even-keeled, open-minded, independent and dedicated to the Constitution and the public good,” he wrote in the Wall Street Journal.


Kavanaugh’s opinion piece appeared aimed at winning over the three GOP senators who remained undecided as of Thursday.

He got an additional boost late Thursday from President Trump, who praised his nominee’s “incredible intellect” during a campaign rally in Minnesota, and scoffed at detractors.

Trump said the protesters and “their rage-fueled resistance is starting to backfire at a level nobody has ever seen before.” He was referring to polling that shows some improvement for Republicans heading into the midterm election.