From dystopia to dogs, memorable lines from all of Gov. Jerry Brown’s State of the State speeches

Jerry Brown
Brown will deliver his 16th State of the State address.
(Rich Pedroncelli / AP)

Jerry Brown has delivered more State of the State speeches than any other California governor. On Thursday, Brown will appear before the Legislature for the 16th — and final — time to offer his thoughts on current affairs and the path forward for the Golden State.

Because he was first elected before statewide term limits were imposed, Brown is the only Californian to ever be able to serve four terms as governor. Here are some notable moments from these January speeches, which span more than four decades of California politics and government.

Jan. 6, 1975

Gov. Jerry Brown 1975
Los Angeles Times

January 7, 1976

Gov. Jerry Brown 1976
Los Angeles Times

January 6, 1977

Gov. Jerry Brown 1977
Associated Press

January 5, 1978

Gov. Jerry Brown 1978
Associated Press

January 16, 1979

Gov. Jerry Brown 1979
Associated Press

January 10, 1980

Gov. Jerry Brown 1980
Los Angeles Times

January 8, 1981

Gov. Jerry Brown 1981
Los Angeles Times

January 7, 1982

Gov. Jerry Brown 1982
Los Angeles Times

January 31, 2011

Gov. Jerry Brown 2011
Associated Press

January 18, 2012

Gov. Jerry Brown 2012
Associated Press

January 24, 2013

Gov. Jerry Brown 2013
Los Angeles Times

January 22, 2014

Gov. Jerry Brown 2014
Associated Press

January 5, 2015

Gov. Jerry Brown 2015

January 21, 2016

Gov. Jerry Brown 2016
Los Angeles Times

January 24, 2017

Gov. Jerry Brown 2017
Los Angeles Times

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