Casting call for Latino, Jew, Muslim and breastfeeding mom to star in anti-Trump video

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump holds one of his signs after a rally in Mount Pleasant, S.C.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump holds one of his signs after a rally in Mount Pleasant, S.C.

(Mic Smith / AP)

The director of the “Potty-Mouthed Princesses” YouTube video that took the Internet by storm last year is back at it with a new subject: Donald Trump.

The viral project from director Luke Montgomery, an LGBT activist, featured young girls dressed as princesses dropping f-bombs while schooling the public on feminist ideology. It was viewed over 35 million times. The site behind the video bills itself as a for-profit T-shirt company “with an activist heart and a passionate social change mission” and has done shirts and videos focused on gay marriage and fighting racism.

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The Times obtained a casting call for Montgomery’s latest. It is dubbed “People offended by Trump respond.” Here’s the synopsis listed on a site for people who are registered with casting agencies:


“A short political comedy video taking Trump to task for comments he’s made about disabled people, breastfeeding mothers, blacks, gays, Jews, Muslims, Mexicans, women and overweight people.” The actors will be responding to comments from Trump they find offensive “with some comedically offensive language of their own.”

Auditions were held Monday at the Space Station Casting in Hollywood to fill the roles of:

  • A very heavyset person, ages 18-70
  • A breastfeeding mother with a baby or a toddler, ages 25-45 (no breast will be shown)
  • A Jewish person, ages 15 to 70
  • A Muslim person, ages 15 to 60
  • A disabled/wheelchair person, 15 to 75
  • A Latino kid mad at Trump, ages 6 to 15
  • And an Asian person, man or woman, ages 14 to 60

The “sassy and smart” Latino child in the video will be responding to Trump’s comments about “anchor babies” earlier this year.

According to the casting sheet, actors chosen will earn either $25 or $50 for two hours on set in Koreatown, depending on the role. The actors will be required to use “comedic” or “humorous” profanity.

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Montgomery recently founded, a political action committee that has been denouncing Trump as a presidential candidate. The group was behind the $5,000 offer to disrupt Trump during his “Saturday Night Live” hosting gig, and its first video creation featured a group of Latino kids beating a Trump-inspired piñata with a stick. (The video below contains profanity and children using obscene gestures.)


Since its debut in November, that video been viewed nearly 900,000 times. The next video takedown on Trump, featuring a young girl dressed as the Statue of Liberty, premieres on Wednesday.

Trump has offended a fair share of people during his presidential campaign. His calls for a ban on all Muslims from entering the United States have been roundly criticized on both sides of the aisle.

It’s for that reason that Montgomery believes this latest project, which showcases an array of voices, will be his most viewed yet.

"[Trump] called the last video terrible and disgraceful, so we hope that he enjoys this one too,” Montgomery said in an interview.


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