Huntsman camp again misspells candidate’s name

The Huntsman campaign has once again gotten a little too “h” happy.

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman is selling himself to New Hampshire voters again Wednesday, walking along the city’s main drag and introducing himself to voters in the first-in-the-nation primary state.

His campaign has also been flooding voters’ inboxes with a direct mail piece shedding more light on his background, as he plays catch-up with some better-known GOP rivals.

There’s just one problem: The glossy mailer misspelled the candidate’s name, adding an unnecessary “h” in his first name.


What’s worse is that it’s not the first time. At his campaign kickoff in June, reporters were given press credentials for the launch of “John Huntsman” for president (no word on how he’s faring). Aides quickly collected them when the error was pointed out.

Huntsman made light of the error when asked about it Wednesday.

“Well, I come from a long line of illiterates. They forgot to put the “h” in my name and sometimes that comes back to haunt me,” he joked.

The campaign has played up the capital “H” of his last name, making it the standout feature of signs and posters.