At Philly fundraiser, Obama keeps pressure on GOP

Speaking at a fundraising event in Philadelphia on Thursday, President Obama maintained the antagonistic tone he has taken this week toward Republicans and the ongoing debt-limit talks.

“I’m prepared to bring the deficit down by trillions of dollars,’’ he said. “But I will not reduce our deficit by sacrificing our kids’ education.’’

That drew applause from the crowd packed into the Hyatt hotel ballroom. Obama then drew a distinction between his vision for the country and that of his opponents. His is “not a vision of a small America, but a vision of a big America, an optimistic America, and a bold America,’’ the president said.

Obama was in the Philadelphia area on the same day as GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Both men were making a final push to raise money before the second-quarter reporting period ends at midnight.


Before the Democratic National Committee fundraiser, Obama’s motorcade made an unannounced stop at John’s Water Ice, which bills itself as “family-owned and operated since 1945.’’

After posing for pictures inside, Obama emerged with a cup of lemon water ice in his hand, which he termed “outstanding.”

“I love being in Philly,” he said. “Especially when I’ve got ice like this.’’

Spotting a mother holding a small child on the other side of the street, Obama said: “I’ve got to say hi to this guy.’’ He then crossed the street and greeted the woman, Anne Lynagh, and her son, Declan.

He gave the boy a high-five.

Obama then made his way into Center City to the Hyatt for the first of two fundraisers.

As his motorcade arrived, a few demonstrators stood on Broad Street, across from the hotel. One held up a sign that read: “One and Done.’’ Another, “Stop Spending.’’ A third: “Balance the Budget.’’