Mitt Romney isn’t inclined to defend his Mormon faith

Los Angeles Times

Mitt Romney, responding to a voter’s question about whether he ought to clarify his Mormon faith to fight misinformation after a pastor recently called it a “cult”, said he felt no need.

“The great majority of American people want to select the person most capable of getting our country going again with strong values, a strong economy and a strong military,” he told dozens of supporters at a meet-and-greet in the local Chamber of Commerce. “Among the things that are unique and exceptional about our country is the fact in America we recognize and appreciate differences in faith. We expect religious differences.”

“I am shaped by the Judeo-Christian values which I have and I hope those will hold me in good stead, as they have so far,” he said.


Romney’s Mormon faith received renewed attention earlier this month after evangelical pastor Robert Jeffress introduced Romney rival Gov. Rick Perry at a religious summit by saying voters ought to support Perry since he is a born-again Christian and later told reporters that he agreed with the view of some evangelicals that Mormonism is a cult.

Perry said he did not agree with the pastor’s comments, and his campaign has said they did not select Jeffress to introduce Perry.