Can the Huntsman girls burst Cain’s bubble? [Video]

If policy speeches and retail campaigning don’t work, there are always fake mustaches and bubbles.

Eager to find its way into any story line, the Jon Huntsman campaign is up with a new Web video parodying the viral Herman Cain spot featuring his smoke-blowing campaign manager.

It features three of Huntsman’s daughters -- the “Jon2012girls” -- wearing thick-rimmed eyeglasses and terrible, terrible fake mustaches in an attempt to mimic the bizarre Cain video.

“We strongly believe that our dad has the experience and proven track record to revive America’s economy and create jobs. Even if we didn’t believe that, we’d still have to be here,” says one of the girls.


It ends with the three girls blowing bubbles, not smoke as Mark Block did in his version. It also borrows Cain’s catchy campaign anthem.

But what’s missing is the tight close-up of Huntsman a la Cain, who stared sternly at the camera before slowly grinning.

The former Utah governor entered the race with great fanfare, but has resorted to such attention-seeking tactics of late as he stands mired in the low single digits.

He led the charge for a boycott of the Nevada caucuses when New Hampshire warned that their early date might force the Granite State to hold its primary in December. When the issue was resolved, Huntsman needed a new gambit.


Huntsman is trying it all. On Tuesday he’ll make a major speech on energy policy at the University of New Hampshire. Later next week he’s leaving the Granite State for a three-day tour of South Carolina, one of the few early-voting states he’s actually contesting.

His campaign also has another Web video highlighting what it says is front-runner Mitt Romney’s “inability to stay consistent on key issues.”

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