Mitch Daniels weighs in on the presidential veepstakes


WASHINGTON — Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels said Sunday that if Mitt Romney asked him to be his running mate, he’d send him a list of people better for the job.

Daniels, who just endorsed Romney, spoke to Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.”

When Wallace asked him point-blank if he would accept an offer to run as veep with Romney, the presumptive GOP nominee, Daniels said:


“You will remember what William F. Buckley said when he ran for mayor of New York and [was] asked what he would do if he won. He said, ‘Demand a recount.’ ”

Daniels added: “I think I would demand reconsideration and send Mr. Romney a list of [other] people.”

He refused to say whom Romney should pick, remarking: “I’ve seen a lot of names and I like ’em all.”

Other lawmakers often mentioned in the GOP veepstakes: Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio, and Rep. Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin, who chairs the House Budget Committee.

Rubio, appearing Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” was equivocal about whether he’d take the No. 2 spot, but saluted former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush as a “fantastic choice” for Romney.

When host Candy Crowley told Rubio that people talked about him as a possible president, he had a rapid response. “Maybe they mean of a condominium association,” he quipped. “You know, there’s real power there.”

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