Romney to reveal vice presidential pick via smartphone app

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Smartphone users will be the first to know who Mitt Romney has chosen as his vice presidential pick, the Romney campaign said Tuesday as it unveiled a new smartphone app.

Mitt’s VP app, available for Apple and Android devices, promises “an exclusive notice of his VP selection before anyone else,” according to an email to supporters from campaign adviser Beth Myers. It will unveil “America’s comeback team,” the Romney campaign’s name for the GOP ticket.

On the site for the app is this pitch: “It’s a question everyone’s asking: who will be Mitt Romney’s VP? There’s no telling when that answer might come. But when it does, be the first to find out and access exclusive content with the Mitt’s VP app.”


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The 2008 Obama campaign sent supporters a text message announcing Joe Biden as VP pick early in the morning of Aug. 23, 2008. Obama appeared with Biden later that day. The campaign was able to use the phone numbers it had collected to stay in touch with supporters.

Romney is heading back to the United States from Europe on Tuesday and is expected to announce his vice presidential pick in the next few weeks. He’s likely to wait for his wife Ann to return from London, where she’s watching her horse Rafalca compete in the Olympics. Rafalca will compete Aug. 2 and 3, a Romney spokesperson told ABC News on Monday.

The horse could also compete Aug. 8 and 9, depending on how well he performs this week, and Ann would likely stay for that as well. Romney probably won’t announce his VP pick without his wife by his side.

The Obama campaign also unveiled a new smartphone app Tuesday that seeks to “make it even easier to connect with the campaign and pitch in wherever you are,” according to a campaign blog post.

That app will share state-specific voting information, which is changing in many states as legislators consider voter ID laws. It also helps supporters find volunteer events and get lists of voters to talk to in the areas where they live.


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