Ryan: No U.S. troops on ground solely for humanitarian missions

GOP vice presidential nominee Paul D. Ryan said in the debate that American troops should not be placed in harm’s way for humanitarian purposes, unless it is in the interest of national security.

“It’s got to be in the strategic national interests of our country,” the Wisconsin congressman said during his face-off Thursday night with Vice President Joe Biden in Danville, Ky.

Pressed by moderator Martha Raddatz, Ryan said that every situation must be evaluated independently and that America could offer other aid, but stuck by his original statement.

“Each situation will come up with its own set of circumstances. But putting American troops on the ground, that’s got to be within the national security interests of the American people,” he said. “That means things like embargoes and sanctions and overflights -- those are things that don’t put American troops on the ground. But if you’re talking about putting American troops on the ground, only in our national security interests.”


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