Steinberg doesn’t want to talk about taxes this year

SACRAMENTO -- Senate leader Darrell Steinberg wants to slam the brakes on any talk of tinkering with local tax rules.

Democratic lawmakers have floated the possibility of making it easier for school districts to raise parcel taxes and change the way property taxes are calculated for commercial buildings. The proposals involve modifying Proposition 13, the landmark constitutional amendment that limited taxes in 1978.


Steinberg (D-Sacramento) told reporters Wednesday that he doesn’t want to hear about it, at least not in 2013.

He said this is the year “to focus on producing more for the people of California.”


Steinberg mentioned gun control, the state water bond and healthcare as three topics lawmakers should be focused on.

Talk of changing tax rules became possible after the November election, when Democrats secured two-thirds of the seats in the Assembly and the Senate. The party’s supermajority allows them to approve tax increases or place measures on the ballot without securing any Republican support.


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