Reelected Democratic Party leader was asked to leave ’12 convention

A Democrat elected Sunday to a leadership post in the California Democratic Party was asked last summer to leave the Democratic National Convention, where he was a delegate, after falsely claiming that he was a member of Congress and being threatened with arrest at the delegation’s hotel.

Sergio Carrillo, who currently works for Wendy Greuel’s mayoral campaign, was elected as a regional director for Southern California in an uncontested race during the state party convention in Sacramento. The post is unpaid and the term lasts two years. Carrillo is one of 20 regional directors who coordinate county central committees, Democratic clubs and other organizations.


Shortly before the opening of the 2012 national party convention in Charlotte, N.C., Carrillo had returned to the Blake Hotel with another delegate. The other man was carried into the hotel, either fell or was dropped in the lobby and was lying on the floor unconscious.

Hotel staff members grew concerned about a possible head injury and called 911. Carrillo tried to intervene, arguing that the man had merely had too much to drink and ought to be put to bed. When he tried to move the man’s motionless body, hotel staff called the police.


When officers arrived, Carrillo claimed to be a member of Congress, then stated repeatedly that he was a California party official. Police threatened to arrest him when he refused to provide identification, and hotel staff threatened to kick him off the property.

Carrillo later apologized and was allowed to remain in the hotel for the rest of the night. He left Charlotte after state party officials asked him to not take part in the national convention, according to a statement released at the time by state party spokesman Tenoch Flores.

Carrillo did not respond to a request for comment Sunday, but Flores noted that the event took place many months ago and that Carrillo had expressed remorse.

“The individual in question has apologized for his actions last summer and is working to move on,” Flores said Sunday.


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